I Never Dreamt Of Such A White Christmas

I have lived all 35 of my years in Limestone County/Athens, Alabama. I never remember having snow on Christmas. The most we hope for around here is a wet Christmas, but never a white Christmas. Really, for most of us around here, “just like the ones I used to know,” is simply a bald-faced lie.

Well in outright protest against history, we awoke this morning to this:

Our front yard covered in snow with falling flakes visible in the foreground
Early morning snowfall
Our neighbor's faux well covered in snow with falling snowflakes in the foreground
Snow-covered well
The view of our front yard and driveway and in the distance, a neighbor's house, all covered in snow with snowflakes still falling
White Christmas on the front porch
Our back yard and our kids' swing set covered in snow
Snowy swing set

We Southerners hardly know what to do with ourselves.

(Update: Evidently I have forgotten that we had snow on Christmas in 1989. Nevertheless, it was nothing like this.)