It’s Good To Be Back

What have I been doing, lo, these many months to keep me away from the blog?  Two new redesigned websites.  Allow me to elaborate.

Pepper Road Church of Christ

I worship with the Pepper Road church of Christ in Athens, AL, and for years now, I’ve been responsible for the church website.  I have fulfilled that responsibility with varying degrees of effort, attention, and responsiveness—lacking in all more often than not.  I finally have gotten around to building the site within a content management system, namely Joomla!.  Now, instead of my being the sole soul who can edit the website, our elders, deacons, and minister can author content themselves, and I have a couple of backup administrators, too. 

A screenshot thumbnail of the Pepper Road church of Christ website
Pepper Road Church of Christ Website

We have information about the church and articles on Bible topics.  Soon we should have sermon audio back online, and after that, we hope to have an introductory Bible correspondence course online.

I’m pleased but not content with look.  In the interest of getting the new site out the door quickly, I have used a free template from Joomla Shack.  It’s fine; it’s just not custom.  I hope to get around to designing something that says “church” a little more than this borrowed template.  When I do, this space will certainly reflect it.  

Of course, at the time of this writing, I’m still using the default WordPress theme on this site.  One of these days …

Conney Safety Products

Not quite a year ago, I took a job with USinternetworking (to which a friend had sold his small business specializing in e-commerce website development in IBM’s WebSphere Commerce).  The first site to go live that I’ve had a hand in is Conney Safety Products.

A screenshot of the Conney Safety Products website
Conney Safety Products Website

Conney is a safety product wholesaler.  The website offers a quick order feature, shopping lists that can be shared among all of the buyers in your company, and a live chat with Conney support personnel.  There are a few post-go-live features that we are finishing up, such as an improved search utility.  Look for that in the next few days.

If you sell safety supplies, drop by

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